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What is Bris-Sing

Bris-Sing is a resource which provides a list of all types of singing groups in Brisbane and surrounding regions, including Pine Rivers, Caboolture, Redcliffe, Redlands, Logan, Beaudesert, Gold Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba.  Groups such as school choirs were initially not listed as they are essentially a "closed group", ie: not allowing the general public, but I have reconsidered and will now list school groups also.

Bris-Sing is a community service which allows singers to find a singing group in their area and for singing groups to find new members.   It is completely free for singing groups to list their details and for singers to search.

Users can search the database for a group name, type of group, type of music or for groups in their area, then go to a page detailing information for that group.

Note:  If there are enough requests to add groups in other areas in Queensland, I will re-format the pages to include all of Queensland.

Starting your search

There are five search boxes provided on the Search Page. Type a search term in any of the boxes provided or leave the boxes empty to obtain a full list. Use tab to move between the boxes.

Click on the Submit button to begin the search.

You can also click the See Map link to display a map. Clicking on the required area will return a list of all choirs/singing groups in that area.

A reset button is provided to clear the search terms from the search boxes to start a new search.

Search Tips

  • Use the Location list to select a suburb in your chosen area, then click Submit to find all groups in that area.


  • Use the Type of Group list to select then click Submit to find all groups of the chosen type listed in the database.


  • Use the Area list to select then click Submit to find all groups of the chosen area listed in the database.


  • You may enter the full name of a group, type of group or a music type for searching, however the match would need to be exact.


It is sometimes easier to simply enter one or two words for your search term, eg:  entering local in the Name of Group box would list "Local Vocals" and "Singing Locally" where entering local vocals would only list that particular group.  Similarly, if you were unsure of the spelling of "Canticum" for example, you would simply enter cant and search on this term.  This is useful if you are not sure of the name or the spelling.

Search Results

The results of your search are presented in a table with the name of the group, type of group, type of music, type of singer and location.

Results are displayed 10 per page.

Click on the Name of the Group which is a hyperlink to the full details for that group. 

If there is a web address or email address listed, simply click on the hyperlink to go to the relevant page.

Adding your group

If you would like to add your group to this resource go to the Add Group page, fill in the form and submit the details.

I will then contact you to confirm all details before adding the group to the database.

Change of details

If you would like to update details that appear in the database, please email me at . I will confirm details before updating the database.


I wish to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of John Hewison in the sourcing of information displayed in these pages.  I also wish to thank Dick Rigby (the Singing Psychologist);  Helena Bond of Voice Playground;  and Laurel Dingle and Pamela Hoyte from the Music Unit of the State Library of Queensland.

Why did I create this resource?

The idea came about when I was searching for a singing group in my local area to join as I had been having some singing lessons but wanted to sing with others.  I searched the internet and Yellow Pages but came up with very little apart from the major choirs in Brisbane - which I wasn't confident in joining.  While doing a five week singing course (just so I could keep singing with others) I met John Hewison who told me he had a list of about 30 choirs in Brisbane.  John kindly gave me a copy of his list and I "started the ball rolling".  So basically I wanted to make it easier for singers and those interested in singing to find a group that suits their needs - whether it be a certain type of music, or just a group in their local area.

How can it be free?

Spectrum Fireworks provides free web hosting.


I make no warranties in respect of Bris-Sing and am not liable in any way whatsoever for the failure or functioning of Bris-Sing.